The pull toward nature

I have the privilege of living on a farm in Central Minnesota.  We’ve lived here 29 years and raised 6 children on this farm.  Some call it God’s country, and I just respond that the whole earth is.  The geography in this small part of the world is a combination of lakes, rivers, woods pastures & cropland.  It is nearly impossible to walk outside any day of the year and not feel a sense of gratitude for being able to dwell among such an amazing creation.    Having an engineering and scientific background further encourages such thought as I consider that beneath each of our footsteps reside billions of micro-organisms.  The vast universe extends above.  All so wonderfully and beautifully made.  Everything from light and magnetic fields to microbes and fungi and animals affect our very ability to exist.  While we are individually have very limited ability to understand such vast complex interdependencies, we can consider many factors that will favorably affect the lives of our families.   Boldly I will restate the obvious:  what we eat has a huge impact on our health.  This we can control.   When there are deficiencies of key elements such as magnesium, manganese, iodine and linolenic acid, there is a high price to pay.  Fortunately there is none of our nutritional needs that the earth and the creatures cannot provide.  However, how plants and animals are raised has a biological affect on the complex nutrient cycle.   Food that is grown for consumption is in reality producing components which will be converted to metabolites by our bodies for our health.  Subsequent posts will whittle away at the subject of our health needs and the earth’s provision through food and animals.  It is our goal to introduce you to subjects which are exceptionally important to all human health and are not otherwise often considered so that you are empowered.

For starters here are two links which are both from Dr. Michael Berg, CD on the subject of Iodine.  The first is a very short intro and the second provides more depth.

Know your farmers!

Lloyd – Local Farm Connect

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