Soil Structure

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Structure is by definition a complex question. Structure us built by the plant and micro-organisms. To begin to tackle this subject, first we would like to introduce you to Ray Archeleta. Ray is a retired agronomist who spent his career at the NRCS division of USDA. He is a very popular conference speaker. Let’s look at a short USDA trailer type 1 minute video leading into the subject of soil structure. If this interested you the next slide should win you over. I’ve met Ray and heard him speak and I will call him a Pioneer all star!

The lessons hear are that soil structure protect the soil from the soil being washed away from water erosion. And equally important, the structure is protecting of the life that provides for the plants water and nutrient uptake. Following Ray’s explanations that are fairly easily understood the subject of the soil structure elements will be explained.

We at the Fruitful Land Alliance believe that soil structure is the single most important variable that will effect the gardening and agricultural experience. It also is the single most important contributor to the composition and quality of the fruit, vegetable, oils, or nuts that the plant will produce. I will explain more as this series goes on. This video is on youtube and is presented by Elaine Inghum. Elaine is a pioneer with extremely impressive experience and contribution to this entire field. On this video you will be leaving this site, so please click back when the video is finished for further explanation.