Have you ever walked through the grocery store and wondered what “Organic Mexico” or “Natural” meant.  Have you looked at the produce or meat and thought I wondered what this has been sprayed with or fed?  All appropriate questions.  Have you wondered if you would be comfortable if you knew the history?

There is good reason to ask these questions.         We are feeding a biological miracle we call our bodies which are exceedingly resilient but not without limitation.  Toxins do accumulate in our cells and tissues and bones and organs.  Toxins do interfere with normal body functions.   type of disease can be tracked to these types of disruptions but because of the vast variety of what we consume it mostly impossible to blame any single culprit.  As a result produce and meats can be raised, preserved, prepared, flavor enhanced with synthetic chemical cocktails which only chemists can pronounce.  Individual daily limits are rationalized which the body is supposed to be able to remove, but defining compound effects of 2 or 3 or 70 is not possible or attempted.

While processed foods have extensive lists of chemical ingredients, one has to accept if they want these foods that they will never know and hope for the best.  But how about produce, say a potato.  Is it possible to know what has been introduced to that tuber;  today no.

Why?  Because transparency is lacking?  While we may know in some instances where it was grown we are not told how.  Nor do we know what preservatives have been introduced.

A key approach of TFLA is to promote transparency in the meat and produce supply.