BioNutrient Rich Food

The core ingrediencies our bodies need to be healthy are naturally produced in the soil when the soil is healthy.  Terms like anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals are common.  What is not recognized is the extreme importance of these to maintaining healthy bodies.  It is also under appreciated that healthy soil provides a diverse and powerful environment for production of chemicals that must be passed along through the food to animals and people for their to be health.  Healthy soil is required to produce healthy food.   Addition of synthetic chemicals such as NPK fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides severely reduce the natural production of soil and plant based nutrients.  BioNutrient Rich Food can only be produced by Biologically Dense soils.

Today the reality is emerging that changing agricultural practices can produce healthier crops and foods.

There are several exceptional organizations which have made strong inroads which we encourage you to aware of.

BioNutrient Food Association (BFA) :

Living Web Farms: